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What makes us stand out

Build your profile in seconds

With optimization features and design, we have made it easier for you to create your profile.

Securely stored

With Crative, we securely store your work to ensure them not being lost!


Help your mind understand how people think and interact with your work.

Integrate and deploy anywhere.

The universal builder for any stack

JAMstack sites, headless storefronts, rich apps—bring Plasmic anywhere. Designed to interface deeply with code.

Extensible and hackable

Bring your own code components, design system, data, interactions, effects, and more. Extend Plasmic for your app.

Works seamlessly with your stack

Freedom to pick any framework, hosting, CMS, ecommerce platform—you own the full stack.

Total flexibility and freedom

Adopt incrementally, starting with one page or component. Eject full code any time with zero lock-in.

Performance and quality

Static build support. Image and bundle optimization. Clean code generation. Core Vitals best practices. And more.

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